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Needle Valves

Four essential reasons to specify Budenberg needle valves

Needle Valves 1. Gland/Stem Leakage - ‘Banished’

Adjustable, dynamically responsive multi ring gland “sandwich” resists all operating pressures and processes. Budenberg offer 100% gland integrity for the lifetime of every valve. Super finished stem diameter also gives low operating torque.

2. Body/Bonnet Joint Failure - “Eliminated”

Over designed, high strength bonnet threads, combine with “soft” parent metal bottom seal to give thread closure protection and further enhance environmental safety. Guaranteed.

3. Thread/Leak Failure - “Solved”

Precision cut CNC threads, subjected to 100% 4 stage inspection, mean precise connectivity with reduced installation time and cost. Guaranteed sealing with minimum effort. Budenberg banish your biggest problem forever.

4. Through Seat Leakage - “Forgotten”

Unique knuckle jointed stempoint technology resists over tightening, prevents wear and ensures 100% bubble tight seat closure, first time every time.

Features within Budenberg Valves:

      • Fully engaged rolled bonnet threads provide protection from process media by a metal body / bonnet seal.
      • Swaged self centering non rotating Duplex stem point ensures positive seat closure under all conditions.
      • Rolled stem threads protected from process media by fully adjustable ‘sandwich’ packed gland.
      • Fully back seating - bonnet with anti blowout stem.
      • Totally encapsulated dust seal gives greater stem thread protection.
      • Vibration proof handle with positive location and excess torque break feature.
      • NACE MR-01-75 standard
      • Fully developed field mounting system for all products
      • All options available. Full range of materials, thread types and sizes.
      • Conformance to ASME B31.1
      • Pressure - Temperature ratings as listed in ASME/ ANSI B 16.34 Class 2500.
      • All Pressure wetted parts fully traceable and certified in accordance with EN10204 31B
      • Material of construction as listed in ASME/ANSI B 16.34.
      • Guaranteed 4 times factors of safety at Class 2500

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Why Choose Budenberg?

Budenberg Gauge Co Ltd is a premier manufacturer of instrumentation for a wide range of applications and markets. Quality and reliability have become the trademark of all Budenberg products and all our instruments are supplied with a standard warranty and carry a unique serial number for traceability purposes.