Facilities & Capacity


Budenberg operates a fully equipped machine shop which has over 100 years’ experience in machining and fabrication for a wide variety of customers and specialised requirements, whether it be individual gauge bodies, flanges, diaphragm seals, valves, gauge boards, etc. If you have any other machining requirements, please contact us and we’ll give you our best prices!


Qty Description Capacity
1 SL250 CNC
1 OKUMA bar and chuck CNC
1 Dahlia Four Axis Vertical Milling Machine 600mm x 1.1 metre
1 Genos CNC Machining Centre Turning up to 300mm diameter

Oil-Free Calibration Area

Description Capacity
Clean air room for testing and calibration of instruments where no oil should be present. Maximum pressure 700 bar

Pressure Calibration (Using Primary Standard Equipment)

Description Capacity
For testing of pressure measuring instruments (Certification Traceable to National Standards) 4000 bar

Standard Pressure Calibration Traceable to National Standards

Description Capacity
Pressure -1 to 1200 bar
Temperature -25 to 600 degrees celsius

Solidworks Drawing and Design

For 3D modelling and production of schematics, GA drawings, bills of materials and Wake Frequency Calculations
3.1 Certification

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Why Choose Budenberg?

Budenberg Gauge Co Ltd is a premier manufacturer of instrumentation for a wide range of applications and markets. Quality and reliability have become the trademark of all Budenberg products and all our instruments are supplied with a standard warranty and carry a unique serial number for traceability purposes.