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Budenberg Gauge Co Ltd is a global manufacturer of quality instrumentation and piping specification valves. Only through extensive product design, precision engineering, quality control and reliability can Budenberg deliver total customer satisfaction.

Double Block & Bleed ValveDouble Block & Bleed Valve

Budenbergs range of Double Block and Bleed Valves incorporate all the technical features of our Ball and Needle Valves into a single housing thereby reducing leakage paths and installation times. All units are designed to conform to the requirements of ASME VIII Div 1, ASME B16.34 and MSS SP-99. Budenberg can provide units from our standard range or custom designed.


Budenbergs range of Monoflange Valves provide a very compact solution to instrumentation applications providing a ‘close coupled’ connection between the process and the instrumentation, therefore reducing leak joints and weight. We have a very wide range of standard configurations but we can also design and manufacture units for specific application requirements.

Needle ValvesNeedle Valves

Budenberg valves and manifolds are designed to a high specification that incorporate a wealth of design features as standard. Certifications include BS EN 10204 3.1B & 3.2 Material , PMI & NDT.

Ball ValvesBall Valves

Budenberg ball valves carry their standard features and benefits throughout the range, from standard isolation units to complex assemblies and bespoke customer designs.


Budenberg manifolds are available as a standard unit or can be custom made to your exact requirements.From two valve to five valve, Budenbergs Gauges wide ramge of manifolds are designed and certified to BS 6755 Pt 2, API 10497, API 607.

Injection / Sampling DBB ValvesInjection/ Sampling DBB Valves

Budenbergs ranges of Double Block and Bleed Valves and Monoflanges can be fitted with a quill that will facilitate the taking of samples or injection of fluids directly into the process stream even at full system pressure. The quill dimensions are application dependent and are designed to overcome any issues with Vortex Shedding that could occur.

Multiport Gauge and Gauge Vent ValvesMultiport Gauge and Gauge Vent Valves

The 61N range of Gauge Vent and Multi Port Needle valves allow the installation of Pressure Gauges, Switches and low cost Transmitters without multiple penetrations of the process piping. These economic yet highly versatile valves provide endless solutions for instrumentation measurement, calibration or venting applications.

Multiport Gauge and Gauge Vent ValvesOver Range Protection Valve

The Budenberg 6GM over range protection valve has been primarily designed to protect pressure gauges (or other instruments) against over pressure conditions, either designed or accidental due to failure of other systems

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Why Choose Budenberg?

Budenberg Gauge Co Ltd is a premier manufacturer of instrumentation for a wide range of applications and markets. Quality and reliability have become the trademark of all Budenberg products and all our instruments are supplied with a standard warranty and carry a unique serial number for traceability purposes.