Budenberg has been a major supplier to industries worldwide for more than 100 years and continues to be one of the global leaders in pressure and temperature measurement, control and calibration. Whether it is process gauges, valves, dead weight testers for onshore and offshore oil and gas, or bespoke instruments for the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, Budenberg has the right solution for your requirement. We are a leading supplier to the energy industry, including instruments for High Voltage oil filled cable systems, SF6 gas alarm systems, etc.

Whatever your industry, whatever your needs, contact Budenberg now to discuss your requirement and be assured of excellent customer service and quality throughout the contract process.

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Why Choose Budenberg?

Budenberg Gauge Co Ltd is a premier manufacturer of instrumentation for a wide range of applications and markets. Quality and reliability have become the trademark of all Budenberg products and all our instruments are supplied with a standard warranty and carry a unique serial number for traceability purposes.