High Accuracy Pressure Test Gauges

High Accuracy Pressure Test Gauges
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High accuracy pressure test gauges are used to calibrate and verify the accuracy of pressure gauges when first manufactured, for certification requirements and general servicing.

Test gauges have dials of 100mm, 200mm and 250mm which allows for more divisions, and knife-edge needles to show with pinpoint accuracy the scale reading when testing, calibrating or certifying. The accuracy is categorised into different accuracy classes from ±0.1% (Digital pressure test gauge), ±0.15% (Super test gauge), ±0.2% (Master test gauge) and ±0.25% (Standard test gauge).

The applications that test gauges are generally used for includes:

  • Calibration of pressure gauges, pressure switches, transducers and transmitters.
  • Calibration of pneumatic controllers, valves etc.
  • Measurement of pressure on testbeds in Aero, hydraulic systems, diesel engine injection systems.
  • Setting of pressure relief valves.
  • Measurement of pore water pressure in soil mechanics laboratories.
  • Efficiency testing of steam turbines in power stations, gas turbines and compressors.

As world leaders in pressure test gauges, Budenberg Gauge manufactures a wide range of highly accurate pressure test gauges. All Budenberg Gauges are supplied with a detailed calibration certificate that is traceable to National Standards and meets EN837 requirements. The range of test gauges includes:

Standard Test GaugeStandard Test Gauge
Model 5214: 0.25% Accuracy, 0 to 600 mbar up to 0 to 2,500 bar Pressure

The Budenberg standard test gauge includes a base test gauge accuracy to a maximum of 500 graduations, a knife-edged pointer and an anti-parallax mirror to help reduce the chance of human error.

Mountings available include direct, surface and flush models

Master Test GaugeMaster Test Gauge
Model 5314: 0.2% Accuracy, 0 to 600 mbar up to 0 to 2,500 bar Pressure

The master test gauge is housed in a diecast safety pattern case and meets the full requirements of EN837. The anti-parallax mirror scale, knife-edge pointer and large 250mm case allow for easy reading accuracy.

Recalibration is simplified by the inclusion of a micrometer adjustable pointer and printed calibration marks on the dials.

Direct, Surface and flush mountings are available.

Super Test GaugeSuper Test Gauge
Model 5414: 0.15% Accuracy, 0 to 1 bar up to 0 to 1,600 bar Pressure

The Budenberg super test gauge has a high specification. It incorporates a diecast safety pattern case, an anti-parallax mirror scale and knife-edge pointer for accurate repeatable readings. Recalibration is simplified with the inclusion of a micrometer adjustable pointer and printed calibration marks on the dials.

Direct surface and flush models are available.

Depending on the pressure to be tested, different pressure elements are used. Up to 70 Bar a Beryllium Copper bourdon tube and Brass Chrome-plated connection is used. From 700 bar up to 1,600 bar a Ni-Span C coil tube and Stainless Steel connection is used.

Digital Pressure Test GaugeDigital Pressure Test Gauge (Pressure Sensor)
Model BG100: 0.1% Accuracy, 0 to 600 mbar up to 0 to 2,500 bar Pressure

Digital pressure gauges are incredibly versatile, they can be quickly set-up, easy to read and extremely portable. Budenbergs digital pressure gauge is controlled by a microprocessor that offers high precision, stability and functionality in a compact and robust solution package.

The gauge is powered by a long-life internal Alkaline battery and offers an auto power-off function in order to preserve the battery life. The sensor technology combined with advance designed features results in a high accurate yet affordable digital pressure gauge.

Just some of the BG100 advanced features include:

  • Programmable filter from 0 to 99 for pulsing pressure readings
  • Zero function for zero pressure correction.
  • Pressure-bar graph in addition to the number indication, BG100 displays pressure on a segment bar for quick estimation of the pressure between 0 and 100 % of F.S.
  • Selectable pressure unit: mbar, bar, MPa, kg/cm², lb/in².
  • Peak function
  • RS232 interface (optional)

Pneumatic and Hydraulic digital test gauge kits are also available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do high accuracy test gauges work?
High accuracy pressure test gauges work to the same principle as analogue pressure indicators also referred to as Bourdon tube pressure gauges. Test gauges are larger and incorporate a more detailed dial with more graduations and a knife-edged pointer.

What is a digital pressure test gauge?
A digital pressure test gauge is a microprocessor-controlled digital pressure gauge. They have a clear digital display, compact, easily transported and robust. Accuracy can be as low as 0.05%.

Do test gauges work with both liquids and gasses?
The pressure medium for test gauges can be for either gas or liquids. A few things to note: If a gauge is calibrated on gas and subsequently used on liquid, the weight of the liquid in the tube will weigh down the end of the tube and cause an accuracy error.

This effect is significant with graduations up to and including 16 bar (250 lb/in²) and so before purchasing you must be advised on the medium for which the gauges will be used: liquid or gas; the dials of the gauge will be marked accordingly.

Budenberg gauges with a vacuum scale or with a compound scale (pressure and vacuum) are calibrated on air. Gauges with graduations above 16 bar (250 lb/in²) are usually calibrated on oil. Gauges graduated above 16 bar and not exceeding 40 bar (250 & 600 lb/in²) can be tested on air at customers' request.

What does accuracy class mean for test gauges?
When choosing a pressure test gauge you need to know which category of accuracy class you will require. The lower the percentage the accuracy class is, the higher the accuracy.

The level of accuracy required will depend on the accuracy class on the pressure gauge that is being tested or calibrated.

Budenberg accuracy classes range from 0.05% (Optional on Digital test gauge, model BG100) to 0.25% (Standard test gauge, model 5214).

The accuracy class is measured as a % of fullscale. For example, if the accuracy class is 1% and the scale range is zero to 100 lb/in², the accuracy is ± 1 lb/in².

If you would like to find out more about high accuracy pressure test gauges, please contact Budenberg Gauge Co Ltd by clicking here.


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