Gauge of Life by our Northern Area Sales Manager

Gauge of Life by our Northern Area Sales Manager
Aby Bhalerao 13 Mar 2018 1 Comments 0 Trackbacks

Well, I have the golden opportunity to write the first ever blog for our company. How many people get to do that?? Especially as I’ve now been here for over a year-really feel privileged! When you think of a brand established for over 150 years, you think you will be ending up with a lot of older generation colleagues (no hard feelings), but I was wrong! We have the youngest CEO in the business and I must admit that he is a man with many hats!

For the past 12 years I have been living in Scotland and I think it would be fair to admit that this a very beautiful country, apart from the weather of course. In my current capacity I have come across a lot of variations in accents and dialects but my vote for the favourite goes to the Cockney accent (well, only after the lovely Mancunian accent of my office colleagues)

My experience with Budenberg has been a roller coaster and I am enjoying every bit of it. Being a well-known and established brand for decades in the field of instrumentation, one does not realise the efforts and hard work that the team collectively makes to keep the Budenberg flag flying high. Being on the road is something I have always enjoyed (my wife’s opinion will differ!) but it is equally challenging as no two days are the same. My music keeps me company and it complements my ride, especially when I am passing by the scenic hills of Cumbria or sometimes on the quiet patch of the A90. That doesn’t mean I hate the M62! The most exciting bit of my job is coming across some very old products (which are still in good working order) that were manufactured even before I was existent! This is a great indication of the quality associated with Budenberg and I have made a point to archive each and every one of them.

Talking about the current business, I get good opportunities to visit clients who are well spread across various market sectors including Defence, Aerospace, Food and Pharma, Chemical and Petrochemical and good old Oil and Gas. You do not need to be an industry expert to admit the fact that the Oil and Gas industry has suffered immensely in various shapes and forms since 2014. For my every visit to the Granite City, I am all ears for any positive news which seem to have risen recently. I hope this is a good indication and that, in everybody’s interest, the Oil and Gas sector will bounce back to its former glory.

I hope my words have given you a snapshot of my journey with Budenberg which I will continue to share with all.

We will aim to have a blog every month about life at Budenberg so please watch this space!!


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    14-Mar-2018 12:47 PM

    Nice blog

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